J.T. Lee and Sons Inc. is a proud member of the newly formed Southeast Propane Alliance (a combination of the non-profit propane associations in Georgia and South Carolina). The Southeast Propane Alliance was founded in 2021 to promote, protect and ENCOURAGE the growth of the LP-Gas industry in the three states. In previous years, these non-profit associations have been working to protect the interests of our industry, our association members and most importantly its consumers. The propane industry is rapidly growing into one of the nation’s highly used fuels across a multitude of sectors. Currently in the United States, over 15 billion gallons of propane are sold and approximately 60 million customers utilize this vital fuel annually. Through J.T. Lee’s membership with SEPA, we are now able to offer consumer rebates to our customers for water heaters, gas packs, dual-fuel heat pumps and much more! Visit Southeast Propane Alliance’s website to learn more about how switching to propane can help reduce your home’s energy use and save you dollars.