The benefits of using propane in your home is simple. You can lower your utility costs and make your home more comfortable all while reducing your impact on the environment.

On average, propane costs half as much per BTU as electricity! Relying on propane for your household appliances ensures heat, hot water and hot food during outages in the worst of weather conditions. Over 90% of propane production comes from the United States ultimately reducing our dependency on foreign oil and ensuring availability.

Choosing propane for your home is also an environmentally sound choice! Propane was approved as an alternative fuel by the Clean Air Act of 1990. LP gas is currently one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels utilized in the United States surpassing electricity, which is typically generated by coal-burning power plants.

On average, a propane heating system is 20 degrees warmer compared to an electric heat pump and less expensive to service. J.T. Lee & Son’s is dedicated to choosing the best product to suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Shut gas off at your tank and call our local office.

A tankless water heater provides continuous hot water while reducing heating costs otherwise used to store unused water in a hot water tank. With tankless you also avoid contaminated water with accumulated rust and scale.

Yes, a pilot can use several gallons of gas throughout the summer months.

Once every two years should suffice.

You should place your order for gas when your tank is reading 30%. This will give us ample time to deliver before you get too low.

No, our only charge is the market price of propane plus sales tax.